Here’s how DOT-RHX Systems helps your towing operation.

DOT-RHX Systems Keeps a Record of Your Tows, and Builds Awareness of Your Fleet

Professional towing companies can use DOT-RHX Systems to keep visual records of their jobs and to keep tabs on the locations of their trucks. 

DOT-RHX Systems has the know-how and the experience to help your towing business successfully deploy and use truck-mounted cameras and GPS systems. 

Plus, with our professional, personal service, you can increase clarity and accountability. 

Managing your assets and responding to claims out in the field has never been easier. 

DOT-RHX in Action

Lighting Towing, a transportation and towing company located in Sioux Falls, S.D. relies on DOT-RHX Systems for dash cameras and rear-view cameras (shown here). 

“Their camera system allows for real time tracking of our units so we can dispatch the closest unit and serve our customers to the best of our ability,” said Mark Hexum, owner of Lightning Towing.

Mark values the easy-to-use features of the DOT-RHX systems. 

“Their e-log system is one of the easiest to use for our drivers. The ease of use helps them remain compliant with just a touch of a button,” noted Mark. “The camera system not only provides the real time tracking, live video feed, but records all events. This helps protect us against frivolous claims for accidents and vehicle damage.”

Mark also appreciates the level of customer service DOT-RHX provides. 

“DOT-RHX has always helped solve any issue we have had with our e-logs or camera systems quickly and professionally,” said Mark.  “If they don’t know the answer, which is seldom, they will get the answer and correct any problems. DOT-RHX provides a high level of personal service. They will sit down and understand what you need and tailor the package to fit your needs.” 

Cameras for Tow Trucks
Cameras for tow trucks

Build Accountability With Truck-Mounted Cameras

With camera systems from DOT-RHX, tow truck companies can easily record and rely on footage from the field. This footage helps you keep your staff accountable for customer service and also provides an important record in the event of a claim.

With cameras on the front or rear of your tow trucks, your operation can ensure high levels of customer service, and also be prepared to defend itself from litigious towing clients. 

Tow truck GPS systems

Manage Your Assets With GPS Systems

Another great solution that we provide for towing companies is truck-mounted GPS systems. These allow your fleet manager to securely locate each truck in the field in real time. 

In addition to providing quality GPS devices, we also actively find and resolve issues in our GPS tracking software so it can remain working as needed. Unlike our corporate competitors, DOT-RHX Systems goes the extra mile, and we notify our clients of updates and fixes as they occur, so you can manage your fleet with confidence.

We also only offer month-to-month contracts so you aren’t locked in for potentially multi-year contracts. That means, if you have a truck out of service for several months, we can pause services so you don’t pay for that vehicle.  


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