Time-Saving Logging for Independent Driver and Owner-Operators

Leave the time out of the truck for better things than reporting.

We’re giving you the tools to track, log, and report your work.

Your time is important. Why waste it on inefficient logging methods? 

Our DOT-RHX Systems electronic logging devices can be used in one truck or a fleet. We work to bring you compliant Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) e-logging solutions so you save time and money.

Not only does our ELD by Gorilla Safety Plus report hours on the road, it also reports miles for IFTA and has agricultural exemptions. If you travel over state lines, you’ll appreciate the logging for fuel tax. 

And no matter where you are, should you need support for any of our products, you can call us directly. No need for a support ticket, or going through a third party, our team is trained to assist you with any technical support you may need. 


elogging solutions for owner operators

Certified Electronic Logging Devices

We are regularly asked if our logging devices are certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Not only do we work closely with FMCSA regulations we update our products with any changes made for vehicle inspections, state mileage, and more.

“The boys in Sioux Falls are pretty helpful. Sometimes, I just stop to see them if I’m coming through and need support. They’ll meet me at the truck stop near their office. You don’t get that from everyone!

I was recommended to DOT-RHX Systems by another independent driver. I have been using ELD for two years and would definitely recommend it to other drivers.”

Jake Prickett, Owner/Operator

Experience the DOT-RHX Difference Today

No matter if you are an independent driver or an owner/operator with other fleets, you’ll come to rely on DOT-RHX for our experience, reliability, and responsive service.

Learn more about why you should invest in our products and services today. And, when you’re ready, request a free demo.