GPS Tracking

Near-real time tracking to always be in the know with status updates and tracking for your fleet.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Certified Electronic Logging Devices. 

DOT-RHX has developed a secure web-based, cloud-hosted integrated software solution to keep overall control of a company’s operation. This solution will monitor equipment via GPS tracking. We calculate mileage using the fleet GPS tracking information and mileage is then used throughout the system for everything from maintenance to IFTA reporting.

DOT-RHX has partnered with C&S Licensing to create a smooth and seamless submission of your mileage. Whether you are crossing state lines or staying within one state, C&S will submit your mileage to the proper channels with little to no work from the driver or logistics team.

fleet tracking device

Near Real-Time Tracking

On-demand bird’s-eye-view of all current vehicle locations with details


Route from last known asset location to well site, manual entry or client locations


Track maintenance records by date, miles or hours


Are your drivers speeding? Set up alerts and get notified


We offer a variety of reports: movement, stops, idletime, runtime, IFTA and more

Route History

Location history on map or spreadsheet for any date range

No Contracts

No contracts means flexibility

Customer Service

Experiencing issues? No problem! We are here to help

In-House Development

Our devs are in house giving you the flexibility you deserve

Complete Trucking Solution

Integrated software from GPS collection of routing and mileage to dispatch through Flex Tax and Shop Maintenance.

  • Fleet GPS tracking
  • Maintenance
  • Track stops for accurate billing

Asset Management

  • Monitor assets in remote sites
  • Monitor engine hours for maintenance

Rental Solutions

  • Preparing rental agreements
  • Monitor engine hours for maintenance/billing
  • Work orders

Frequently Asked Questions

How extensive is your cellular data coverage?
Data coverage is determined by the cellular carrier. We work with multiple carriers in order to provide the best coverage for your situation.


Can we change when devices report?
Yes, all of our devices are highly customizable. We can change report conditions and timing for individual devices or whole fleets at a time. Our support team will work with you to optimize tracking coverage.

Feel free to reach out if you have more questions about our fleet tracking devices.