Dash Cameras

Keep track of what is going on out on the road at all times. Better protect your drivers and your fleet in case of an accident.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Certified Electronic Logging Devices. 

Video Alerts
Our fleet dash cams deliver video evidence and drive data within moments of an incident taking place. That may be a road collision, an unsafe braking/speeding event, a driver-initiated panic button, or where someone just feels unsafe and wants to know you’re looking out for them.

Driver Snapshots
Take dash camera snapshots of your drivers and verify they are following proper safety protocols such as wearing their seatbelt, keeping both hands on the steering wheel, and not texting while driving. Snapshots can be accessed from any point in the driver’s vehicle history.

GPS Features
Our API can be seamlessly integrated into your existing GPS software. Video telematics combined with ELD, HOS, IFTA, and dispatching can provide a single and complete source for all your fleet management needs.

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80% of car crashes are attributed to driver distraction.

Commercial fleet accident rate reaches 20%.

Distracted driving is preventable.

The Best in Class Live Video Technology Available in the Market.

Future Proof

Grows with your fleet needs. No need to swap hardware to get additional features.

Entry Level Price

We deliver a premium solution without sacrificing product quality for price.

Distracted Driver Detection

With improved facial recognition technology that works during the day or night to alert distracted and drowsy drivers.

Rugged Tested

Built for commercial vehicles by an experienced team.

Simplified Installation

Simple 10 minute install.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Easily connect different devices.

Take Advantage of Cloud Services

  • Manage all your vehicles from a secured cloud dashboard.
  • Get instant access to live video and video retrievals, for each vehicle, stored in the cloud for 30 days.
  • View vehicle GPS route tracking, details, and history logs.
  • Receive email alerts of harsh driving incidents.
  • Set permission and roles, for data and user access control.
  • Supported by fully redundant media servers with 99.99% uptime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the camera show GPS locations?
This is based upon vehicle movement. As the vehicle moves around the GPS location is tracking in near-real-time.

How long does the dash cam keep the video stored?
Normally the camera will retain about 2-3 weeks worth of data before it needs to be downloaded or it will overwrite the data with new.

Data can be downloaded via a SIM card, remotely when Wi-Fi access is available, or any time with a data plan.


Feel free to reach out if you have more questions about the dash cameras.