Dash Cameras and GPS for Consumers

Integrated solutions for consumer transportation.

Dash Cameras

Every year 80% of vehicle crashes are attributed to distracted driving. With our dash cameras, you can feel more at ease and less distracted behind the wheel. Our dash cams are used for anything from a few business vehicles to new drivers starting out on their own.

Our dash cameras offer several features that not all dash cameras offer: 

Video Alerts

For collisions, unsafe braking, a driver-initiated panic button, or if someone feels unsafe and just wants to know someone is looking out for them.

Distracted Driver Detection

With improved facial recognition technology that works during the day or night to alert distracted and drowsy drivers.

Wi-Fi HotSpot

Easily connect different devices.

Seamless Integration

Installs in 10 minutes and integrates with our GPS software.

dash cameras for sale

Pricing starts at $395.00 for dual facing cameras. Contact us to purchase your dash camera today.

GPS Tracking

Our cloud-hosted and secure, web-based GPS software allow you to see a vehicle’s location in near-real-time tracking.

Our GPS Tracking allows for:

Near Real-Time Tracking

On-demand bird’s-eye-view of all current vehicle locations with details


Easily map your next location with directions and navigation

Route History

Location history on map or spreadsheet for any date range

Easy Integration

Simple installation and connectivity to our dash cameras

No Contracts

No contracts means flexibility

Customer Service

Experiencing issues? No problem! Our in-house team is here to help

Pricing starts at $15.00 per month for GPS. Contact us to purchase GPS for your vehicle today.