Here’s how DOT-RHX Systems helps your construction operation.

DOT-RHX Builds Accountability for Your Projects

Professional contractors need professional data for their projects, and one of those sources of data is from GPS devices mounted on their vehicles. 

DOT-RHX has the know-how and the experience to help your contractor or construction business successfully deploy and use GPS systems. 

Plus, with our professional, personal service, you can minimize downtime and increase clarity for your projects. 

Managing your assets out in the field has never been easier. 

DOT-RHX in Action

An asphalt paving and grading company chose DOT-RHX for their GPS needs because they wanted to work with a local business with reliable customer service. The technology provided by DOT-RHX helps this company track their trucks’ rounds, allowing them to stay on-time and on-track to fulfill their bids.


GPS systems for contractors
ELD Tracking Service Providers

Increase Fuel Economy and Decrease Idle Time

With systems from DOT-RHX, contractors can easily locate their assets in the field and manage them accordingly. They can also coordinate the movements of these assets to increase productivity and profitability. 

Our solutions let you capture work hours automatically and accurately to increase billing accuracy, assist with payroll, and get reliable reports to help you make important decisions.

Fuel Tax Filing Systems

Get the Exact Solution and the Support You Need

Whether you have one or 100 assets in the field, DOT-RHX offers a wide range of options to address your needs. With telematic solutions, we can also provide dash cams to help you with driver coaching, security, and accountability.

Some of our solutions are standalone units, while some integrate with larger systems with central management. All of our ELD and GPS solutions meet the FMCSA guidelines.

In addition to providing quality devices and connections, we also actively find and resolve issues in our software so it can remain working as needed. DOT-RHX goes the extra mile, and we notify our clients of updates and fixes as they occur, so you can manage your fleet with confidence.


Experience the DOT-RHX Difference Today

Contractors of all sizes rely on DOT-RHX for their experience, reliability, and responsive service.

Learn more about why you should invest in our products and services today. And, when you’re ready, request a free demo.