Here’s how DOT-RHX Systems will help you boost your bottom line.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Certified Electronic Logging Devices. 

DOT-RHX Helps You Stay Compliant and Efficient

Fleet operators are well aware of the importance of federal regulations. It’s a changing but necessary part of our industry.

Tracking HOS (hours of service) to comply with FMCSA guidelines is a tedious task that requires attention to detail and thorough records. With federally-compliant ELDs in place, drivers and carriers are tasked with recording numerous aspects of a haul:

  • Engine power status
  • Vehicle motion status
  • Miles driven
  • Engine hours
  • Driver ID
  • Duty status

In addition to being FMCSA-compliant, your ELDs make fuel tax reporting much simpler. ELDs also improve efficiency by replacing paper logs – improving the accuracy of the data recorded. 

By holding drivers and their companies accountable to FMCSA regulations, ELDs create a safer work environment, ensuring that drivers take the breaks they need and that businesses have the records they need. 

DOT-RHX has the know-how and the experience to help your business successfully deploy and use ELD systems. 


How DOT-RHX Helps You
ELD Tracking Service Providers

File with Confidence and Save Time

With systems from DOT-RHX, people who report fuel tax no longer have to spend exhausting amounts of time filing information for their trucking businesses.

Our ELDs and other products keep all of your fuel calculations and receipts uploaded and converted to ready-to-file documents. 

DOT-RHX has the solutions you need to keep FMCSA-compliant records and to take the headaches out of fuel tax filing. 

Fuel Tax Filing Systems

Get the Exact Solution and the Support You Need

Whether you have one or 100 vehicles on the road, DOT-RHX offers a wide range of options to address your needs. With GPS integrated, we also provide data for mapping routes as well as fuel logs.

Some of our solutions are standalone units, while some integrate with larger systems with central management. All of our ELD and GPS solutions meet the FMCSA guidelines.

In addition to providing quality devices and connections, we also actively find and resolve issues in our software so it can remain working as needed. DOT-RHX goes the extra mile, and we notify our clients of updates and fixes as they occur, so you can manage your fleet with confidence.


Experience the DOT-RHX Difference Today

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