High Capacity Cloud-Based
PC-Less Scanners

cloud based scanners

The FUJITSU Image Scanner fi-7300NX allows you to optimize your office and place the scanner wherever needed. The portability and convenience and with the ability to integrate one or one-thousand scanners with data-based cloud services. This scanner allows you to retain documents, organize files and receipts, as well as save high-quality photos.

Best of all, you do not need a computer connected to the scanner, it sends the information into the Cloud to be accessed on the device of your choice.

Learn More About the Benefits of
Cloud-Based Scanners from FUJITSU


High capacity scanning allows for various-sized documents to be scanned quickly.


Cleans up documents for legible reading and viewing. Documents can be sent to specific folders in the cloud or an email based on the type of document selected on the display screen.


Reduces operation cost with central management, setup, and training to run products.


Portable size allows employees to use it in the car or on location without the need for a computer.

Simplified Support

Supports 20+ languages and up to 1,000 scanners on one system. Updates to the system can be pushed out to all scanners in your company at once.

Connect Anywhere

Connects to the Cloud via Wi-Fi, data plan, wired network, or USB.

cloud based scanners

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud offers a virtual location for your documents and files to be stored. The Cloud can be on the web or connected to a server within your IT system. Multiple scanners can be connected into the same cloud with no computer needed at each scanner location. Whether you have one location or dozens, your team can centrally store files in one cloud location and manage a physically smaller data storage room.

Is this scanner HIPAA Compliant?

FUJITSU has strong encryption for all of its data transfers. Your files are safe and secure with encryption for any file that could include billing information or personal data. HIPAA sensitive data is handled by those trained on HIPAA Policy and Procedure.

How can I get this for my business?

Our team is ready to work with you and your integrated business! Contact us today to get started.